Waregem Expo // 10-11-12-13 November 2022

VIP & Hospitality packages

Invite your business relations and friends to the Gentleman's Fair and give them an unforgettable experience!

A hospitality package for the Gentleman's Fair 2021 edition includes not only an entrance ticket for the event, but also access to our Mad Hatter, a clandestine bar, hidden from the rest of the visitors, which only you and your guests are privy to …

We drew our inspiration from the speakeasies from the ‘Roaring 20s’. These clandestine taverns were extremely popular during the American Prohibition era and heralded the start of the cocktail culture. In our stylishly decorated ‘establishment’, you and your business contacts are taken back to the typical atmosphere of that era. Mouth-watering food, a hip bartender who mixes the most exquisite drinks for you on the spot and a dazzling pianist to complete the picture.

In order to meet everyone's wishes we created 5 different packages:

  • Prohibition - 'period correct' cocktails & matching finger food
  • Bubbly Brunch - an extensive brunch with matching cocktails 
  • Meat District - a delicious meat lunch
  • Lobsters Galore - an oyster tasting session, followed by a delicious fish lunch
  • Bada Bing - Gentleman's Club style with liquor, cigars and matching finger food

These packages are sold per table of 8.
Send us an e-mail for more information about the different packages.